Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jean-Philippe Perras going frontal in series Toi & Moi season 1 (Ep.3, 2014)


  1. Resti do you have any info on Werk ohne Autor? The cast is full of good looking guys and I see there are two frontals in the trailer, but not sure if that's extras or main cast. Do you know if there will be any good nudity?

    1. Wish i knew, the movie was originally scheduled in October 2017, now it's November 2018 and just this week i have read it's in official line-up for Venice Festival (that would mean yet another postponed date), this movie was made for festival circuit, it's over 3 hours long, i could never decrypt who is the frontal guy in first teaser, while it has a lot of actors i don't like (Schilling, Massuci, Becker, Eidinger), it also featured a lot of them that i love (Koffler, Bartholomäi, Matschenz, Rubtsov, Frolov); when teaser trailer was out, i asked on FB site who is the naked guy but i never got the answer!

    2. crew united site names potential nude guy in trailer: Simon Schuller, kind of looks like it's him and i found this: Zwei nackte Studenten bemalen sich selbst mit Farbe und die Box in der sie stehen

    3. Thanks for the info. Hopefully we get some reports from Venice at least!