Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jon Pointing naked in upcoming season of Plebs (2018)


  1. Ryan is a nice guy who had a funny nude scene before in episode The Beasts in 2016. He has spoken about that scene in two interviews:
    What was the funniest thing that happened while filming Plebs?
    It depends how you look at it. If you’re not me – watching me standing completely naked in the town square, trying to wrangle a camera shy goat into place using my thighs was probably pretty amusing. As it happens I’m still going to be having therapy in thirty years time. And I’ll never be able to visit Hackney city farm without feeling a bit weird.

    And a second:
    Do you mind getting naked?
    The worst thing is I had to jump on the centurion's back while I was naked, he's a really nice guy, this actor, and he's like, "I can feel your genitals in my back but it's fine." And I had this dressing gown on, and I jumped on his back, and I had to sort of stay there while the camera was coming. But I rehearsed it with the dressing gown, I was like, "Sam, I'm just a bit nervous that as I do this I will expose my bum hole." And quick as a flash, he just ducked his head under my robe, had a look and goes, "No, you're fine." I thought... "I'm not asking you to do that, I don't know you well enough." Even my best friend, I wouldn't ask him to do that. You know, "Hey, would you just check my bum hole?" Apparently that's normal round here.

    That's most people's worst nightmare...
    Town square, holding a goat, completely naked - yes, everyone's worst nightmare! And there are guest actors there, eminent actors who you respect. And you're like, "This is a real low point. If no-one finds it funny, I'm buggered!"

  2. Always wanted to see Jon Pointng's ass ever since I saw him in those hilarious ads where he plays a cheeky vampire lol xx