Tuesday, October 3, 2017

News of the month: Oliver Mommsen going full frontal in Tatort: Zurück ins Licht (2017)

i knew about this one for several weeks now but you never know what they really mean

first i discovered this line:

Jeder Bremer Kommissar bekommt wohl noch vor dem Abschied eine Extra-Folge für die Sedcard: Stedefreund (Oliver Mommsen) durfte alles zeigen (wirklich alles).

it means his character was allowed to show everything (really everything)

naturally my first reaction was we will see him in all his glory

then came this:

Stedefreund (nach etwa 15 Minuten des Films zu allem Überfluss auch noch splitternackt zu sehen!) kommt ihr dabei näher, als Lürsen und seiner BKA-Kollegin Linda Selb (Luise Wolfram) lieb ist.

'splitternackt' means completely naked but he could be completely naked without showing all, found it funny how they gave the time frame of the scene

and yesterday i found this that basically confirmed it:

Immerhin: Oliver Mommsen, im vergangenen Jahr zum attraktivsten unter den „Tatort“-Ermittlern gewählt, darf sich hier in seiner ganzen Pracht zeigen. Sogar seinen kleinen Kommissar hält der 48-Jährige, der tatsächlich noch immer gut in Form ist, stolz in die Kamera.

it says he's proudly showing his dong to the camera, i hope that means it will be a great frontal

although most German actors have done nudity, most of them even full frontal nudity, from that aspect you could say it's not a big deal, i would say it is a big deal and very daring. Why? Because Tatort movies are institution, they are the only fictional stuff that can crack 10 millions viewers in Germany and because it's a lead, it will be talked about on Monday, Ronald Zehrfeld might have done very explicit nude scene in 'Vergiss mein ic'h but no one has seen that therefore no one mentions it, Elyas M'Barek, no doubt currently the biggest and most popular actor in Germany, he always teases with nudity in his statements but it's not very well known that on DVD of 3rd season of Türkisch für Anfänger, you can see everything in behind the scenes of the scene that eventual episode didn't show frontal and it's there to be seen

and with that it's very likely that Oliver Mommsen will become my next blog head photo


  1. maybe i'm misunderstanding what u r talking about. but that word 'splitternackt'sounds so foreboding? anyway, like you said, hope we can see oliver on your blog head. i honestly think tom beck doesn't deserve it.

  2. Any news here? When was/is this due? A couple of years ago he had a nice frontal in a film the title of which escapes me now, but a nice, long new scene would be just fine.

  3. Bild online writes that he will be naked several times throughout the movie. And they also show this picture which I think already shows his penis.