Sunday, July 16, 2017

Michael Specht going frontal in series Alarm für Cobra 11 (Ep. FKK-Alarm für Semir, 2017)

when i first read the plot about upcoming episode of AfC11 and that happening was nudist beach, i got really excited, when names Markus Knüfken and Sven Waasner appeared (without role description), i got even more excited and what they did, they basically picked up the least attractive actor they could find to play the nudist (not that i was expecting a model like actor)!

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  1. Wait, what? This is from 2017? And Semir is still in that shit??? I'm rofling over here. I remember watching Cobra 11 at least 15 years ago and Semir was already there. It looks like Cobra is becoming another Tatort, a series that has been going on for decades.