Friday, June 9, 2017

Personal highlight No.16 in 2017 - Niels Gomperts going frontal in trailer Broers (2017)

thank you for the tip, this movie was on my extended lost of things to see, especially since the director made short movie Sevilla that had male nudity, just forgot to check the current state and i see the trailer is out, Niels Gomperts is gorgeous, looks to have at least three nude scenes in the movie (greeting on the beginning indicates he was fully naked)

raining Dutch personal highlights at the moment, i still need to post Curt Fortin and Jim Bakkum


  1. Came out in theaters last week. Maybe someone on here has seen it and could give a report, if there is more? (not that what we see in the trailer isn't enough)

  2. Un beau gosse fier de son anatomie...