Friday, June 2, 2017

Benjamin Sadler going frontal in series Drei zum verlieben (Ep. Eva und die Miss-Wahl, 1994)

Absolute rarity!!!

i have never seen this scene before nor was there any material on the net, long, long time ago someone described the scene to me

bare in mind, this is a series from 1994, i was recording from SD video stream, had to cut around and this is what it came out, i'm taking it, better this than never seeing it

i wonder if he ever got naked in Alle lieben Julia, that one has 27 episode and really hunky male cast, same as Drei zum verlieben, from 1994, he was only 23


  1. Thank you. What an amazing find

  2. Bien membré (bien qu'il sorte de l'eau)