Thursday, March 23, 2017

Personal highlight No.9 in 2017 - Morgan Spector going frontal in Split (2016)

 movie SPLIT made my shorten list of things that i look forward in 2017, was poised to be one of the potential personal highlights, looking at the trailer you get scared because it's filled with female nudity (as is it the end product) but they find the time and place to undress gorgeous Morgan Spector (married to Rebecca Hall, lucky one) and the way he looks, there ought to be a law prohibiting him to wear clothes, period!


  1. How did you go from Personal Highlight No. 6 to No. 9? Where are 7 and 8? ;-)

    1. 7 was Roland Silbernagl and 8 was Jannis Niewöhner

  2. Seems like I'm doing something wrong then. I opened March and February tab in the Blog Archive and did a site search for personal highlight but they are not displayed there. But thanks for answering. :)