Monday, February 13, 2017

Personal highlight No.3 in 2017 - Simon Licht and Mehdi Nebbou going frontal in Happy Hour (2015)

if you were paying attention, i posted two different trailers from the movie, each of them containing a few frames from the nude wood-chopping scene; when i asked the makers about the length of the nude scene, they told me it was freezing cold (October in Ireland) so it couldn't be that long, i prepared myself for about 10 seconds long scene, maybe some cutting in it, what we got is almost ONE MINUTE long, perfectly executed nude scene! I was blown away! Simon Licht has done frontal nudity only once and even there you needed good eyes to see something, age doesn't seems to be a factor in Germany, lately quite a few of them have done their best nudity with their latest movies, what i always say, never give up, it may come one day! I also love Mehdi Nebbou (the guy from Trivago commercials), another one with best nudity to date, third one in the pack is Alexander Hörbe, never seen him naked before.

little fact: initially the movie named Devid Striesow, Thomas Sarbacher and Wolfram Koch as the lead in the movie


  1. Thank you so much for posting. Mehdi is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you for posting. If I saw correctly Mehdi is not circumcised, that's interesting given his Algerian background.

    1. A lot of Arabic French men aren't circumcised. Mehdi Nebbou (Algeria), Nicolas Cazale (Algeria), Jalil Lespert (Algeria) and Cyril Hanouna (Tunisia) are all uncut.

    2. I guess it happens more in mixed couples as opposed to fully Muslim-Arab couples (as it's the case for all of the men mentioned above) Also, Cyril is circumcised I believe (and he has Jewish background so it's slightly different)

    3. Cyril looks uncut based on this video
      Tahar Rahim is another uncut Algerian