Saturday, December 3, 2016

Joshua Sasse in series No Tomorrow (Ep. No Crying in Baseball, 2016)


  1. Dear Fralala, do you have the Peter Ketnath full frontal clip from "Alice" in better quality than the one on Scenesofmaleskin?

    And Martin Gruber from Traumschiff Macau? If you have, please could you upload them on Zippyshare for me, THANKS!

    Do you like Christof Arnold, I have some great quality shirtless stuff of him (10 years ago) and have sent 3 video-clips to your e-mail I got from Percy (

  2. i have Peter but it's DVD, not HD

    i already said Martin Gruber's scene involves semi-naked kid in the scene and i didn't make clip, understandably

    not really a fan of Christof Arnold but thank you for offering

  3. Oh sorry, didn't recognize the child-nudity in Martin's scene, but yes, there's that boy, can remember, but of course it's better not to post it here. If you like, you can send the HD-clip to my e-mail, Rocco can do editing to remove the child, because we also don't want that in the clips we have on our server (but you only post unedited clips I think, so it would not be usefull for Restituda1's-blog).

    Please could I have Peter's clips (both scenes), then I don't need to buy the expensive DVD from USA. THANKS!

    As far as I know (from Percy), you look for Wolfgang Cerny's clips from that war-movie in HD too, even I was not able to locate it (and I'm a PRO in finding rare stuff), so I'm gonna ask Mr. Cerny directly, maybe he knows about any DVD-release or anything else. Because he has a part of the movie in his reel, but also not HD.

    By the way, we're still all waiting for Avalanche frontal from Jens Atzorn, but on the Facebook-site, they don't have much fans, maybe you should ask them, if you can post the short clip from trailer and post a link to their Facebook-site, probably they offer you a free DVD of the full movie, once it is released.

    And we also want the clips of him from "Liebe mit Lachfalten" in HD (we only have 360p Youtube-stuff since we always missed it on TV).

    If you miss Sturm der Liebe livestream, use BR-mediathek, they're better than ARD mediathek (it's full HD):