Friday, December 23, 2016

Daniel Zovatto, Craig Horner and Cole Vaughn Stotts in series The Deleted (Ep. The Betrayal, 2016)


  1. thanks.
    just a question : could you get rid of all these adfly pages that open popups everywhere? they replace the main page and are really annoying.

  2. Completely agree. EVERY link I click is opening a second window on something that potentially has harmful, malicious code. And sometimes I get windows opening when I've clicked nothing. I do believe you deserve to be compensated for your work, but this is very dangerous for me as a websurfer. Maybe a Patreon page would be a good compromise? But if this doesn't change I hate to say I'll have to stop coming here as the risk of installing malicious code is too great.

  3. wow....this is really bad. Popups everywhere.
    Too bad used to love it here.
    Please do something about those annoying popups or people will be out of here.. :(

  4. sooooo much spam. Please do something about it!!!!
    I understand you would like to make some money for all the hard work, but this is insane

  5. Yeah everytime i go to your website a harmful spam or something pops up. how do we stop that