Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Arnaud Makunga naked in trailer (2017)


  1. Resti I'm looking for a scene and i forget what movie/tv it's from.
    Can you please help me?

    He's wearing a shirt but no pants & undies. so we can see his penis but not completely. because of Shirt's length.
    He walks into livingroom? I think There's actress in that scene also.

    It's not Jonathan Gavin from Puberty Blues.
    I think its German or European Film/TV.
    The actor is 30 or 40 something. has nice thin body I guess..

    I'm looking for this so long. but I cant remember the name of actor and title. Please can you help me?

    1. also It's not Oliver Mommsen.

    2. Maybe the unknown guy from Der Zimmerspringbrunnen (2001)?


    3. Unfortunately no.
      We can see his whole body. the camera angle shows his whole body head to toe at once. I think his hair is grayish? or not. but his shirt was not red. white or grey/green maybe.

      anyway thanks for your reply. i appreciate it.

  2. Anonymous, saw yr message today (Dec 31st) only.
    Have you tried:
    Anche libero va bene - Kim Rossi Stuart ??
    Europe, shirt, penis,ass, another actor (a 12 yrs boy)in the scene (don't worry ...2 different shots edited together)