Saturday, November 26, 2016

Personal highlight No.20 in 2016 - Thomas Coumans going frontal in Je me tue à le dire (2016)

this is my second personal highlight of the year featuring Thomas Coumans, he went all the way in short movie Tout va bien, never posted it cause i promised not to use the movie which i was given, this really makes up for it, he must enjoy getting naked cause this scene was irrelevant and it's the ONLY scene by him in the movie, he's not even credited on IMDB

second guy in the scene is movie's lead, Jean-Jacques Rausin, he looks even worse than Frank Gallagher but take a look at him on google, pleasantly surprised, he's really good looking when groomed-up


  1. Love the scene thanks for posting. I like both guys. You always post the best stuff.