Sunday, November 6, 2016

James Murray in series Cucumber (Ep.3, 2015)


  1. James is So Hot! but His role in Cucumber is so fucking gross and such a turn off ;(((

  2. My thoughts exactly Anonymous at 8:26 PM. I don't want to spoil the series to anybody who hasn't seen it already but what his character does in episode 6 is so unbelievable that it completely ruined this show for me, even though I liked it very much at first.

    I thought "Cucumber" was a fun, fresh and realistic TV show about gay life : like a new and successful "U.S. Queer As Folk" with a new and original approach, that is until episode 6 came along. What a trainwreck !

    Just like the last episode of "V" the new 2009 tv series, here too, just 1 episode was enough to ruin a very promising TV show. And both "V" and "Cucumber" are perfect examples of that.

    At least on "V" only the last episode ends horribly, on "Cucumber" I didn't even bothered to watch past episode 6.