Sunday, November 20, 2016

Henrik Norberg going frontal in Naken (2000)


  1. Many thanks for posting all of these. This was quite the endeavor. I remember when this film was released back in 2000 how thrilling it was to have a film featuring uncompromised wall-to-wall embarrassment nudity from the handsome lead actor. The short film which inspired the movie and accompanied the DVD also had some great full nudity from handsome Simon Norrthon.

    On the other side of the coin, I hear that Netflix in the US is doing a version of it featuring Marlon Wayans. You can rest assured that it will feature no frontal nudity (unless Wayans wear a comical prosthesis) and will be as unfunny as hell and deliver as little as possible. I used to love In Living Color back in the day, but the films coming from the Wayans in recent years redefine dreadful. Plus, and I may be the only one on this, while I think Wayans has a good body, he has shown decent rear nudity elsewhere, so I think I would have preferred a different actor in the lead - perhaps one that might deliver on the frontal nudity.

  2. Thank you so much for all these postings. Wonderful to see them again. Used to have this DVD but somehow I lost it. If anyone have it, the extras contain some other actors nude and full frontal. Dreaming about seeing them again. :)

  3. Elle semble apprécier le spectacle...