Sunday, November 6, 2016

Edward MacLiam in series Cucumber (Ep.3, 2016)


  1. upload again?? bluray upgrade?

  2. Hello. Restituda! I'm looking for some clip. but I dont remember the title or actor's name. Can you help me?

    I think I saw this clip on your blog in 2014~2015.
    probably It was spanish tv series.

    There are two guys.
    One is.. (A) He seems like a hustler but not that young. (late 30 ~ early 40?) He has a very nice, fit body. his skin tone is dark.
    The other is.. (B) He seems kind of effeminate.

    anyway A pulled B down to the bed. and pour his drink on B's face.
    also I remember A's feet on B's mouth.

    It was sensual scene. and I think the title contained number of the year.. like 1966? (not 1992 series) or big episode number.. like soap opera.


    1. and you are sure it was Spanish?

    2. actually I have no idea.. you uploaded that series.. at least 2~3 times..