Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gilles Marini in series 2 Broke Girls (Ep. And the First Day of School, 2013)


  1. Hi Restituda,
    I am desperately looking for a post you did a long time ago and I really want to find it again. I'll give you some clues and hopefully you will be able to track it and reply here.

    It is a shower scene. Probably after football. Two males ages around 20, take a shower. There is full frontal. The boys are not that cute. Then suddently, in the middle of the scene, arrives an astonishingly handsome guy. He walks casually in and then we have prolong view of both his frontal and rear.

    The scene was probably from some Latin-speaking country, but really that's all I can recall. Does it ring any bells??

    *ps already spent a lot time searching with tags but had no luck. you are my only hope now :)


    1. would say XS - la peor talla (2003) but i don't think there was frontal

    2. Unfortunately no that one. :)
      The one I am telling had many clear frontals.

    3. How about Netflix series from 2015?