Thursday, July 7, 2016

Raphaël Personnaz naked in upcoming movie Dans les forêts de Sibérie (2016)

one of the IMDB plot words include full frontal nudity

of course Raphaël Personnaz in one of the 4 in infamous full frontal scene from the movie La première fois que j'ai eu 20 ans, who can forget that little gem?


  1. Sweet little ass, haha, those boots look so funny.

    Fralala, if you like Joram Völklein, Carlo Degen and Christoph Humnig, then please contact me at, I have some new clips of them.

  2. OMG, Best News Ever!
    I remember him in La première fois que j'ai eu 20 ans. literally One of the best full frontal nudity scene in the history of film!!