Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sam Heughan in series Outlander (Ep. The Fox's Lair, 2016)


  1. Sorry Fralala for asking you, but do you have the nudity scene of Philipp Christopher from "Lindenstrasse", or any other nudity/shirtless-scene of him, can I have the links please?

    1. I saw that was in 2007, didn't watch it back then, any details, was he naked? He showed his butt once ot twice in GZSZ, very poor angles in both cases

    2. It is on scenes of male skin, I asked him to renew the download link, hope he does it soon, then I can tell you, what's to see there.

      Philipp had a short shirtless scene, kinda nipple view, this week, do you want the clip?

      Are there any clips of Carlo Degen? Love his nipples so much.