Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Philipp Hochmair and Lukas Watzl kissing in series Vorstadtweiber season 2 (Ep.7, 2016)

plus Philipp grabbing Lukas' crotch

if you don't know by now, Philipp has an erection scene in upcoming Kater movie



  1. This is hot, I love love Philipp. Cannot wait for Kater!

  2. Me too! He's so hot - i want to see his small hairy penis in all the full glory! So damn hot that he is going to show an erection in a (gay!) movie. Even if you are an actor - you just cannot "play" an erection. You really have to be aroused, otherwise it is impossible. This is the hot fact about it...

  3. Can't wait for Tomcat/Kater to see Philipps hairy wiener :-)