Monday, March 28, 2016

Valerio Morigi in series Borgia (Ep. 1496, 2014)


  1. hy, i'm from switzerland, do you have the frederic böhle shirtless clip from last week, if you're missing it, i have it.

    do you like christoph mory and henning baum, because i have two very naked clips of them.

    1. that was probably Michael N. Kuehl in SdL, Frederic is returning to RR this week, i have it but i have neglected a bit posting from telenovelas and i have a lot

      think i have everything from Henning and as far as i know Christoph came closest to nudity in Wir, unless you have something else

    2. frederic was briefly shirtless at rr-episode 2160, starting at 44:50 here:

      i just adore his wobbling chest!

      cool, didn't know that michael kühl is on sdl now, can remember him from awz, he really became hot'n'mature.

      i recorded henning baum naked at polizeiruf 110 in 720p, but you can't really see something since it was dark in the room.

      christoph mory is naked on wir, yes, i used to have both dvd-versions (yellow and orange cover), one is in cinema-ratio, but it cuts same like on tv down to his pubes.

      but i meant another clip with christoph, from telenovela bianca, naked ass together with patrick in 720p (but small screen).

  2. Please could you reupload the clip of Henning Baum in Undercover part 1? Thank you so much