Monday, March 14, 2016

Personal highlight No.7 in 2016 - Stefano Bernardin and Daniel Strässer going frontal in Der letzte Tanz (2014)

love Stefano, this was unexpected, normally when i watch something i kind of suspect what's in store, to put it differently, i love it when it comes unannounced, the best kind of nudity; i had to include Daniel too, he was cute and not because he's probably has the biggest penis i have seen in mainstream!

Stefano Bernardin
Daniel Strässer


  1. thanks a lot.
    too bad the big guy did not do it too

  2. Le deuxième peut être fier de sa longue queue !

  3. Wow, the size of Daniel Strässer's penis is just amazing. He must have been glad he got to do a shower scene to show the world how well hung he is. Hopefully we'll see more of his huge penis.