Sunday, March 20, 2016

Luke Bontius in series Hemlock Grove (Ep. Every Beast, 2015)


  1. Berlin_fickt_besserMarch 20, 2016 at 1:42 PM

    Verstehst Du deutsch, Fralala?

    Ich hätte die komplette Serie "Alles ausser Sex", kannst Du die Clips gebrauchen? Unter anderem wären das Simon Verhoeven, Clemens Löhr und Alfonso Losa (shirtless), und sicher auch noch andere, muss mal gucken. Sag' mir einfach Bescheid.

    Die Nacktszenen von Yann Tregouet aus Artmeis hast Du nicht zufällig in HD, oder?

    1. Yes, i can understand German and i do have important stuff from Alles ausser Sex (Simon Verhoeven was actually my number one German crush, then he decided to switch places and it's not directing), i you possibly have Tobias van Dieken's frontal from season 2 in HD, that would be awesome, i'm missing that one

      no, i don't have Artemsia in HD, maybe arte will show it one day

  2. Berlin_fickt_besserMarch 20, 2016 at 2:05 PM

    Okay, then I try to write in english...

    I have each single episode in very good quality (don't know if it is HD), I have to look for Tobias' frontal.

    Since I'm a Simone Hanselmann fan, I bought some DVD's including her, there are naked guys on "Schulmädchen" DVD-box (that Daniel shows his ass and bulges a lot in the surfing-scene), anything you need? But I don't know the name of that guy here (in the upper right corner):

    Who is he, he has such a great body and face too.

    Since we're talking about french actors like Yann, when the hell will Pio show us some frontal again, there's only one movie where you see it really good. I wouldn't mind to see some ass too...