Sunday, March 20, 2016

Leon Pfannenmüller going frontal on stage in trailer Roberto Zucco (2013)


  1. Hey Faralala,
    this is my first comment on your wonderful blog! You are doing a great job! Thank´s a lot! I wanted to ask, if you know one can see the full version of this play? I´d like to see more of beautiful Leon nude on stage. As far as i know he is a longer time nude in this play! Greetings!

    1. i'd say very unlikely unless you contact theater house where the play was shown and hope they have an online version of it, most of these stage finds are from trailer

    2. Hey Faralala,
      thank you for your answer. I already feared that there is no chance to see this play fully. But i had to ask! :-) Great find anyways! How exciting it must be for this young actor standing fully nude in front of the audience! At the end i want to say thank you again for your great work! Keep on going! :-) Greetings!