Monday, January 18, 2016

Rupert Evans in series The Man in the High Castle (Ep. Sunrise, 2015)


  1. I swore that in the pilot when he was in a sex scene with his GF, he was in big baggy white boxers. I was so delighted when in this later scene there he was in those tight tighty whities. So nice! Not the sexiest context, but he's still a nice looking actor. Happy to see him stripped down to briefs and beyond.

    I can't get to the download, but that's OK. Still a hot post.

  2. It is impossible to access the link, and not download the video.

  3. hey guys, you just have to wait for 5 seconds and then a blue bottom "skip adds" appears up at the right side, click on it and it directs to the share-online link


    1. Thanks! I have always been able to get through the "wait 5 seconds and skip ad" adfly page, but this one, for me, only leads to some page with no link to www.share-online... Now at least the page is in English, but still not getting me to the download page. However you got it, thanks for sharing.