Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Evil Jared Hasselhoff going frontal in Joko gegen Klaas: Das Duell um die Welt season 4 (Ep.3, 2015)

extremely disappointed by reaction of both Joko and Klaas, like they never saw a penis before and this coming from a guy who is dropping his pants for no reason, anytime and anyplace! I bet if that was a hot woman naked there, they would be also rolling their eyes and trying to cover her!


  1. Najs men and dick :)

  2. He's so hot. I didn't even know he is a musician.

  3. If it were a women, they would probably whistle and making stupid jokes and find it very titillating.

    Their reactions totally over the top and uncalled for. I applaud Evil Jared for showing his body off so much and having no problem with being naked.

  4. He's actually getting hotter with age. The extra weight suits him well.

  5. Well, I'm more of a voyeur. I don't mind sneaking a peek, but I'd be take aback as well if confronted with unexpected nudity. It's a natural reaction.

  6. Straight men do that to affirm their heterosexuality, they feel that if their reaction is to neutral or to accepting it will appear as if they're gay or that they like the sight of a naked man's genital so that put on this little display of disgust and outrage.

    They don't have a similarly negative reaction when they see themselves in the mirror naked which means they don't have a problem with the naked male body, so it's clearly a reaction to what it means to other people if a male is too at ease with seeing another naked male.

    That's why in locker rooms they don't exhibit this behavior because the people whose opinions they fear have deemed male nudity okay, so now they are allowed to be okay with it. The fragile male ego is such a vulgar thing.