Saturday, December 26, 2015

Personal highlight No.27 in 2015 - Casper Christensen going frontal/erect in Klovn Forever (2015)

has changed a bit but liked him ever since Langt fra Las Vegas

here he and Frank and talking about the scene:

During the horrifying and cringe-worthy climax of the new movie is a sight that would be more at home in a porno or a Lars von Trier movie –a profile shot of Christensen's erect penis. Hvam: "We decided to do it because we had this situation that we didn't want to soften, and we felt it would be unnatural if you couldn't see anything." Christensen: "The thing is also that Casper is a threat to Frank, and it is pretty threatening to have a hard-on pointing at him, but it was also one of the harder scenes." Hvam: "I was very proud of him." Christensen: "I think it took us seven takes, that was too much." Hvam: "Seven takes? That's two hours!" Christensen: "We did do seven takes! What happens is that you go to the bathroom, start masturbating, and when it is hard, you go in where the whole crew is waiting. You only have about 40 seconds with an erect penis and then you have to do the scene again. I mean porn is easy, you go in with a hard-on and have sex. That's easy. But try having a conversation with your best friend in front of a whole crew when nobody is even touching your penis." Hvam: "You did well. The funny thing is that to have an erection you have to have this huge amount of self-confidence. You have to feel like an old gorilla, owning the room, and every time Casper came out of that door he was just like, 'Now we go!'" Christensen: "No, no, no, that is not how it was! I knew I only had 40 seconds, that's why. So I came in saying 'please shoot!'"


  1. Your download link leads us to and what do we do then?

    1. click inside the box ('i'm not a robot'), wait and link will appear

  2. what's the story about actually? is it about the condom?

  3. thanks for the caps and vid, I've been waiting to watch this scene for ages. so hot.