Thursday, December 24, 2015

Florian Fitz going frontal in Herz (2001)

you know, i'm all about keeping various lists and these scene has the privileged to be in German speaking top50 of all time, for now 


  1. One of the best, indeed! I just love how his treasures slide between his legs... Too bad the 1080p version is in such a wide format and we lose most of the stuff going on down there. :(

  2. Merry Christmas Dear Restituda! You and your Beautiful Blog are the best EVER! A HUGE thank you for your tremendous work and generosity each day! Lots of love to you!!!!

  3. No me entendió en el anterior comentario. No me refiero a los links de los servidores sino a los de los Archivos. Por ejemplo: En Octubre 2015 han desaparecido los links de los días 1 al 18, en el archivo comienzan a partir del 19 de Octubre. Lo mismo ocurre con Noviembre 2015 y Diciembre 2015.

    Por otra parte Felicito por esta página web, excelente.

    Feliz Navidad.

  4. i also love lists! will you post your annual nudity list this year? would be really happy!

  5. Definitely also one of my favorite scenes. Florian looks so gorgeous here as well. :)