Saturday, November 21, 2015

Personal highlight No.21 in 2015 - Florian David Fitz going frontal in Die Lügen der Sieger (2014)

i hope i am wrong but i don't think we will ever see him do a really good frontal because EVERYONE would be just talking about his XXL monster, like Michael Fassbender, but we will always have the scene from short movie Shit Happens
i never know if actors are just trolling and giving media what they want to hear but FDF said he likes to get naked, Matthias Schweighöfer said the same thing (expect he said loves instead of likes) a few years back only to correct his statement two years back saying he's not into baring his naked body on big screen (would explain why he almost shows nothing recently whereas in the past he couldn't keep his pants on)

this personal highlight ties FDF with Henning Baum, both have 4

this is just a preview, i hope to get iTunes version in 1080p when it comes out

Florian David Fitz turned 41 yesterday

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  1. Don't see much of a frontal here, does he show more in the full Movie than in this preview?