Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jonathan Couzinié going frontal in short movie Ton coeur au hasard (2015)

i have noticed that people complain about me using various function on the blog to gain money, fair enough, i get it but did any of you stop to think how much money is spent in getting these scene from the movie from all over the world, i spent over 100 euros every month to buy movies from various sources and to pay others to get me things i have no ability to get, you have no idea how annoying it is to look on the net for people to get you something and then trust them to deliver (and it's not always a guarantee movie will have something worth posting), it's only understandable that they get paid, i have no issue with that (no one is doing it for free nowadays), using adfly, uploaded, pop-ups and some other functions is nice way to get the money without getting it from your own wallet

i know it's pain in the neck, when i post they are always popping up but i got used to it over the year and it's not like these methods aren't used elsewhere, i try to post the best quality possible, some of the things found on this blog are unique, you won't found them anywhere else (or at least i try to be the first), i never asked ANYONE for money on the blog and i know for a fact there is a site that uses my clips, i don't mind that, i don't even mind taking the credit for them but this site is pay site, you need to pay to see the material and clips you can see, well, for 'free' here

if anyone knows less intrusive methods how to earn money, please let me know, once i was contact by some company/site who let me know my blog is good in business and they have a few suggestions how to make (more) money from it, i presume they meant adding porno ads, i won't do that; but most of all it bothers me as soon as something is stepping out of the comfort zone, people start to complain, this blog is 3 years old, there are over 8000 thread, most likely more than 8000 clips posted, question for those who complain, how many times have you say 'thank you' when i posted the clip on the blog? Why is it so easy to whine and attack but so hard to say thank you for all the things posted? Think about it ...